Hey, my name is Dominique, and graphic design is my passion

No, seriously, I absolutely love graphic design.


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved creativity of any kind, be it music, photography, art, you name it. But after taking my first Adobe class freshman year at Meredith College, I realized that graphic design was something I could really invest my time into. I continued taking design classes, despite being a business major. After a couple years at Meredith, I decided that graphic design was definitely the path I wanted to follow.


So, I transferred to UNC Chapel Hill, where I entered the J-School as an Editing and Graphic Design major. Since then, my passion for art and design has only grown, along with my skills. I hope to one day work in the field of motion graphics and visual effects. Until then, I’ll work on my design principles and skills, strengthen my branding, and continue to gain experience wherever I can.


Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me! Now go on, check out my portfolio, and don’t forget to hit that Follow Me! button above to see more of my work.

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